Today woke up with a great excitement. The excitement which lasted in me from the second I arrived in Kashmir.

It was an early morning, birds chirping all around, seems like they are more happy and excited than me. Feels like they welcome me and offer me come out of the blanket and have a look outside. Ah! You might be thinking about the excitement. Lemme tell you that the excitement is for a trip, for a trip to the Kashmir’s most fascinating tourist spots. And as I said earlier, even the birds are also getting ready to join me.

The sun is not visible yet. But the conditions of the latter excitement can be calculated. The rays of sun can felt.

 As I looked out of the window pan, the lush green surrounding with lush green meadows and trees fascinated me more than anything in the world, even than eating.  Along with the lush green surroundings the narrow water streams let me feel like I was in the heaven.

   All these things pushed me from my inside and I got on my feet and opened the window pan and a slight breeze took me to the nirvana.

   As I looked at the outer surrounding with heavenly scenes, I felt myself the lucky one for being here. As being here, with these chirpings, the rising sun, lush green meadows, heavenly softly flowing streams and much more is really a blessing.

   It was 6:00 A.M. and I was so excited to get out off the room and mix myself with the happiness and natural beauty.

At 8:30 A.M. , I had my breakfast with my family and some friends with whom I had came here all the way. These people also seem to be happy and much excited, from the heart. They also, like me, ate up their breakfast as they had had been hungry for weeks long :D. After all everyone wanted to get mixed as quickly as possible.

   At 9:00 A.M., everyone was done and ready to start the “TRIP TO HEAVEN”. From the hotel, where we were staying, we preferred to go on foot rather than hiring any vehicle or other available transport facilities.

Firstly, we went to a lush green meadow where a stream of water was flowing not in any deeply dug canal but in a pretty narrow and not so deep, just an inch deep, I guess! , canal. An inch deep canal! Ah! Think how deep it can be.  It seemed like the water has been directed to pass in a particular direction over the land without any physical direction, that’s what we call nature. This scene was so fascinating that everyone wanted to lie down there forever, but the call from other 

scenes could not be took forgranted so we left the place after a brief stay, and headed.

As we continued our trip, we headed towards a mountain shaped hill with dense forest. It was 10:00 A.M. and the sun was now fully visible and it was a sunny day but still the cool air blows could be felt. We went to the forest, the first feeling which hypnotized we people was the feeling of purity, the purity of nature. The forest seemed to be full of different kinds of bird and animal species as the voices echoed all around the forest, giving the feeling as we were caught in some kindda magic and had went back in the previous century. As we continued our trip and set our next target the top of the hill. Ah! It was so painful and hectic but thanks to the excitement and the people (residents) of Kashmir, who helped us in this job. They are much helpful and much more to their guests. Finally we reached the top of the hill, wow! The picture which was infront of our eyes at that time 

was awesome, beautiful, gorgeous and what not! I really don’t have the words to express the beauty of the moment. It drove all of us insane. The scene is still in my mind and right now infront of me! I just love it….

It was 12:30 A.M. , and the sun was almost over our heads. Now the temperature had changed a bit and the warmness could be felt. We stayed there for 2 hours and had our lunch there, mu goodness. And I think we were the first group (of people) who had their lunch at the top of that hill. After finishing our lunch, no one was in a mood to go downhill, but we had to.

After coming back, as we were tired so we went back to the meadow and had a rest for half an hour, which really relaxed we people. The grass below us gave us the spa, which relaxed our muscles. The local resident was still with us, guiding us all the way, he is so sincere, but has a bit of difficulty in talking to him as he is a bit poor in English. But that is not a big problem for us as both of us understood the language of purity I.e. nature.

Now it was 4:00 P.M., and we resorted to the eating as the things we had had at the top of the hill had now almost got digested, that’s true.

The temperature at the time had again fallen and the coldness, even in the month of June, could be felt.

Now our next spot was amusement park. It was at a good distance from the point where we stood at the moment, so we hired some horses, one for each, and had a ride. On the way we enjoyed much more by getting into the racing with my companions. And we finally reached our destination; I got second position as my dad reached first. And that was not a good reason to cry for.

At the gate of the park we collected the tickets for the entry into the park. It was great to see the cafeteria inside the park. The park included beautiful fountains, a mini lake where we enjoyed the pedal boat sail. We also enjoyed the different kinds of other amusements like caterpillar ride, ride in the Columbus, the train, striking cars and much other amusing stuff.

It was 7:00 P.M. and we had enjoyed a lot. Now it was the time to take a break and we went to the café and had coffee, and that was praise worthy.

Right at 8:00 P.M. we left the park and headed to our hotel. Obviously not on our foot but us yet again hired some horses and went back to the hotel. Riding a horse in the dark under the street light gave me the royal feelings. 😀

Finally reached our hotel and all of us were hungry from last eight hours we had not had anything except a cup of coffee. So it was time to have some food so we ordered light dinner and the hotel manager took our order, kind person. In half an hour our food was on the table and we just broke on it. J. After having food we took a little walk in the compound of the hotel. And right at 10:00 P.M. we greeted each other and went to our respective rooms.

Now lying on my bed I came back to the window pan, from where I had started my day. As I looked through the window there was the moon. It had the brightness of my lovers’ eyes. I really missed her. I wished if it had been possible for me to bring her here right now and for the day. (*sigh) But it was just a wish, so I closed my eyes and held the hand of my love, my best friend and set out on the “TRIP TO HEAVEN”…



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