In Cold Blood: The Amityville Horror.

Custodial killings and fake encounters, these two phrases are nothing new to the ears of Kashmiri people. From past, almost a decade Kashmiri people have been rendered open victims to the human rights abuses. Each and every category of humans has faced the dreary approach of Indian security forces. From six year old kid to a fifty year old woman, no one has been spared. Not only a kid has been orphaned, not only a women has been widowed, not only a son has been snatched from her mother but besides these abuses the domiciles of the spared, have been gutted down.

This is a not ending story, where nothing is fictitious, each and every story resembles to each others’ story, but surely not coincidental. Such incidents, if expressed will fill up a whole library and at the end the story will remain untold.

Killing a common civilian has become a custom for them, but something new happened in the history of such customs. A pro-political party enchanter was killed by them. And this time it was not for any relation with militancy or any such thing. This time it was their own promoter, who was killed for money laundering allegations.

mohd. yousuf(deceased)

Syed Mohd. Yousuf, the deceased was a notional conference party worker for past many years. He had been a close associate of the party patron dr. farooq and C.M j&k sheikh Omar, as per a statement and photographs produced by the deceased person’s son.

As per the allegations, it is being said that syed yousuf had fixed a deal with other two party workers as remarked by one of the eye witnesses, Mohd. Yousuf Bhatt, “it is a fact that I paid money to syed yousuf for MLC seat but I can’t say it was either for Dr. Farooq or sheikh Omar”. But in an interview, before mohd. Yousuf Bhatt’s statement, another eye witness Salam Reshi directly alleged that he had given money on behalf of Dr. Farooq and Omar. Now the question arises

1)      why the statement of the two eye witnesses do not match?

2)       Has the second eye witness’s statement been influenced by pressurizing him?

In an interview Omar said, “I knew about the matter two months back but I forgot”. How true! How can you remember state affairs when you are busy in vocational tours, every day? The two statements when analyzed do not add up. My question to the CM is,” if it was a case of corruption, then why was this trio called to your private chamber at Gupkar? Besides handing them over to the police, immediately. Now on reply to this CM will say that it was a party matter. Had it been a party matter, then it needed to be discussed with all the senior leaders of the party. But the fact is not so! This is the first point where the story gets suspicious.

In a statement given by CM Omar, to Times now correspondent, he said that, “yousuf first denied but latter accepted the payoff”. And it is also being said that syed yousuf wanted to wait till dr. Farooq’s arrival. I say why? And the next moment my inner being replied to the question this way:

1)      Either the matter was fixed in between Dr. Farooq, and the trio, and the deceased wanted to clarify it with the Dr. farooq which enraged CM Omar.

2)      The matter was fixed by the CM alone, and wanted to solve it by his own without the consent of his father and the party patron Dr. Farooq.

syed yousuf(R) and omar abdullah(L)

Now if the first clause is the approximate hit then it is clear that the deceased and Dr. Farooq had close relations. And if the second clause does well, then CM is definitely a crook.

In a statement late Yousuf’s son claimed that IGP crime said, “Yousuf vomited blood when he was being moved out of CM’s residence”. A person vomits blood if he has got any kind of cancer or is physically hurt. As per the health history of the deceased is concerned, he had always been a healthy one. The only option left is that he might had been tortured or had been exposed to some similar acts, which , may be, finally led to cardiac arrest. But soon after this statement by the deceased’s son, IGP claimed that he had not said any such thing to the deceased’s son.

In an attempt to divert the attention of the media, opposition and general public CM tried to mislead everyone by saying that he had already ordered a judicial probe. But soon after this declaration a statement came from registrar general of high court JR Kotwal in which he went, “my office has not received any communication, to be forwarded to the chief justice, from the government on this issue”. Now what will you say on this, CM?

One more tool of the government to mislead everyone was used, that is post mortem report. Everyone do know, in history of such cases no o ne has witnessed a pure and true report from the doctors, as they are also forced by the government agencies to do as directed. So no one believes in either the post mortem report which ‘denied any mark of physical violence and reported that yousuf died of cardiac arrest’, or the judicial probe which will yield nothing justified. As an example is beneath our eyes, the twin rape and murder case of two women in Shopian. The culprits of that incident are still roaming free, even the main culprit Javaid Matoo was promoted from S.P rank to S.S.P rank and then was transferred to Ladakh.

On that day one more suspicious thing happened, all the security officials at the CM’s residence were transferred. On this CM said that it was purely co-incidental. After the incident the duo who are alive, yet, have imprisoned themselves in their own houses. They have not been seen after the after-math of this incident. Now, whether this imprisonment is voluntary or forced is to be found out?

As the CM tries to circumvent the whole issue, but it seems to be all in vain. Truth is inevitable; no one can run away from it. The proximity of truth in this arcane story is immutable. In near future all this will prove to be a conundrum for CM, which will reveal his and his close associates’ espousal in all such matters.

After this feral incident, CM tried to keep mum but after all he had to speak out. He first appeared in an interview on a national news channel NDTV 24*7 in which it seemed that he had done much home work and had prepared to his best in the “days of mum”. In that interview the CM also used slang language many a times, using words like “rubbish” and “crap” for over and over. This depicts his frustration and the state of being lobotomized by the incident. He further said that in previous row he offered his resignation and thus was called as amateur and childish, but on this row he would not do any such act. Thus those who called him “amateur” or “childish” won’t get a second chance. And he also added that on this row he would not lose a single night’s sleep as he had done before.  This shows the drastic shift in moral behavior of j&k’s Chief Minister. In previous row he offered his resignation even he was not involved in the allegations, thus was called as amateur and childish. But today he is alleged to be a culprit and is denying resigning or assigning in-charge-C.M. till the investigation is over. You are still the same, “amateur” and “childish”.

Soon after his appearance on NDTV, he arrived at Times Now port. In that interview with Arnab Goswami his fractiousness increased as the questioner was no Barkha Dutt who had prepared C.M.’s interview for NDTV. In reply to the Arnab’s questions C.M. clearly became effete in replying, thus C.M. started to slide into the fissure of esoteric nature.

On asking a question by Arnab, that “if the deceased was alleged for money laundering then why was not he handed over to police, besides called to your personal residence”? on reply to this question C.M. replied, “this was a party matter, and needed to be solved personally”. But as I have earlier stated had it been a party matter then it needed to be solved with the prominent and senior leaders of the party, but nothing such was done.

By the answer given by the C.M. Arnab was not satisfied, so he asked the same question several times. This lead to the fractiousness, and C.M. replied, “In how many languages do you need to get answered for the single question”. And also said Arnab to end up the show immediately.  As the statement clearly depicts the indigenous nature of the question asked by Arnab? For your general knowledge C.M Omar I would like to tell you that similar to an examination, till a candidate does not answer the questions correctly, he is not allowed to pass to the higher class, so is the case with you.

Sooner or later the day will come when everyone will witness the arrival of metaphysicians in our society who will reject the custom of being pusillanimous and will share the intuitive knowledge of all such incidents with the whole world.

yousuf's son


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