Politics! I don’t give a damn to it.

Kashmir, a place which was once known for its beauty and hospitality has earned its fame for insurgency and turmoil in past more than a decade, as we all know it. People have been lured towards greed by and for the benefit of some cunning politicians. The minds and attitudes of youth have been made materialistic. And taking advantage of this chaos and confusion Kashmiris have been politicized on different grounds from time to time in these years. The strengthening and supportive pillar to the opportunists was provided by the people itself. It happened and is happening because we lack the power of compiling an opinion, because we have turned our back towards politics. And it is because of this attitude we have suffered a lot. It will continue to be as such until we do not change our opinion, idea and outlook towards politics. I have noticed many people quoting the phrase “POLITICS! I DON’T GIVE A DAMN TO IT”. In info section of most of my friends’ facebook profiles I have seen the box, asking for political attitude, either empty or filled with ‘none’. This way I am not publicizing facebook but the ideology we do have. This “NOT GIVING A DAMN TO IT” has ruined us.

As rightly said by Pericles (495-429 BC) in his book “The Olympian“:

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics

doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

The literal meaning of the word politics is “of, for, or relating to citizens”. Then by departing or alienating ourselves from the politics of our land we impliedly tell them that we do not belong to this place. We do not care what you do to the people of this land. Simply WE DO NOT GIVE A DAMN TO IT. People see politics as the worst thing ever on earth. But the fact, that we by our own give the opportunists an opportunity to come in power, is never noticed. Politics is the conduct of affairs of the state. If we by our own are turning faces from this responsibility then we do not have the right to blame spoilsports that ruin our resources and suppress us. It is good to be an extremist or moderate or main-stream, but worst to be a neutral. Extremists believe in boycotting elections while moderates and main stream believe in elections. But irony with our society is that we have just a handful of moderates/extremists/main-stream people and the majority of us continue to be neutral. This majority of the people pave the way for the opportunists to build their empires. A duty also lies with the leaders, whosoever he is, that they must not force the people to either change their opinions or create any opinion. People alone cannot be held responsible for being politically dwarf. The so called political leaders have not left any stone unturned in captivating the ideology of people towards politics. They must give the youth a chance to express their feelings. Democratic Governments are, as they say:  for the people, by the people and of the people, no matter what the order but if there is no involvement of people then what is the fun in calling it a democratic government. People that have any opinion are harassed by the rulers, everywhere. Opinions can bring revolutions like it was in Middle East nations. These nations were suppressed for a long period, their ideologies were suppressed for long but the youth of these nations finally mustered courage and compiled a common ideology or we can say got united and brought the tormenting regimes to an end.

Another reason for being dwarf regarding politics is that We have become double faced. Wherever we find our individual benefit we run towards it, sabotaging the brotherhood we once had and it is all because of the materialistic policies. Instead of talking about futile topics like new iphone launch, new car model etc we must talk and discuss about our own state affairs. Whenever we are suppressed we demand that we have right to do this and right to do that, but we forget that rights and duties come hand in hand. When we demand rights we are obliged to fulfill the duties as well. That way if we say we have the right to create a free state then first we must know how to run a state, which could be done only by indulging ourselves with the political affairs.

The time has come to unmask our ideas, our attitude towards politics. The time has come to get united for a common cause be it Azaadi or Indian Occupation. We must strive to reform ourselves, because being in a state of dilemma is like being in comma, you can feel and see everything but you cannot do anything. Only a strong determination can bring us out of this.

Long live Kashmir, Long live our Brotherhood. Ameen!


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