Book review: The Moslems are coming by Azad Essa.

The author Azad Essa in the first chapter carves himself out as a resident of South Africa. It also smells as if he is a cricket enthusiast much alike to every South African kid, but the person has got great political alienation and that is something different. He in this artifact clearly jots down his intellectual authenticity, and he undoubtedly is. He is the perfect yield of what the politics has sown in the fields of South Africa, from so many years.

The author has used great skills like satire, parody, epigram, humor, irony and archetype criticism of politicians and their aides. The book proves didactic as it has great accounts of different subjects. The author has chosen “bitching politics” as its motif. The author has chosen Jacob Zuma as the protagonist for almost half of this piece of Artifact. The author has remained bold and frank throughout the book, and has used slang and hyper-sensitive words, by its force the weak may get driven off.

From the very first chapter of the “Artifact- The Moslems Are Coming” Azad has pointed his gun at Jacob Zuma, (and has downloaded most of the corrupt files from him). The book also provides the great detailed description of the levels of corruption and negative political scenarios in the African region, mainly with reference to the Jacob Zuma and his aides.  As I went through the early chapters of the book, I got astonished, really, as I felt that I had been deceived by the name Azad Essa and had bought a pro-Jew book. But a little hope held my strength stead fast and I continued to the next and next chapter and soon realized that there was nothing of the Pro-Zionist sort.

The author has also given his “free” and “daring” comments about the veil (“Burkha”). The author favors the liberation of women in Muslim community. The ideas that remain dwarf in our communities have finally found a place to be aired from. The author has really taken a Herculean job.

The book acts as an activist fighting against the corruption, malfunctioning and carelessness of the administration. This book belongs to the energetic, fearless and dreamer’s .The book also gives a brief account of negative side of the socio-economic institutions of South Africa, much alike to the governments of other nations. The book, in an elementary style tells us the immediate consequences of such functioning of the governments and gives a little account of it by describing losing his bag in stadium. The book critically focuses on the hypocrisy and evilness of Zuma. At many a times I felt as if Azad Essa had some personal ire or umbrage with Zuma, (and it hardly matters).

The book could be divided into two parts: one related to Jacob Zuma & South Africa and the other that has been devoted to various themes. The book, in general is a crustal of knowledge about various matters put together and has been written with a critical perspective. The more I went through the book, the more I found it interesting, so will you, I bet! (Usually I don’t).

The second part of the book amazingly narrates Holiness: i.e. Dalai Lama. The book has also been critical towards the pathetic response given by South Africa towards the Dalai Lama’s visit. It strongly criticizes the South African government for sabotaging its own sovereignty by following the orders of China. The book also provides a brief but interesting speech over the Nobleness of the Noble prize, generally talking about Noble Peace Prize. The book criticizes the way the prize is given to the people having great political influence, mostly. The book also criticizes the nations over their pathetic response towards the environmental changes. The book has to some extent been able to describe the points where Muslim community has lacked the cognitive faculty in maintaining the world peace and order. Azad Essa in this book has maintained the ‘straight forward attitude’, which will surely hamper the politically right and orthodox people. While delivering about Kashmir, the book narrates that ‘their cause is like screaming for a lost donkey in the Himalayas’ (P.165), which authenticates that his fore-fathers and father were from Bharat and the same hypocrite genes have got transferred to him. (Pardon me, if it offends the author). But later the book mesmerize the reader while reading about Kashmir and Kashmir issue.

    In short if you are looking for a good package of knowledge, humor and criticism. The book serves them all.


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