Objection Over-ruled

What are you living for? It seems to be a simple question but, I bet, most of us will take much time to gather the ideas from their minds to answer this question and even I believe, many might get perplexed on hearing this question. But I, after trying to imagine how people may ‘normally’ respond to this simple question, my mind echoed  “we live for ourselves”, “we live to serve the society and humanity or [their] families…”, and even many may answer it by passing just a gig and saying “we live just to enjoy…”. Anyways, after all it is [their] life and no one has the right to judge them. But there is a lot who live to irritate and pass useless [unprovoked] comments for others and even judge them. This leaves me wondering and unable to understand what gives these people the right to criticize someone’s looks or acts as long as they do not pose a threat to the social security. How come do these people have the right to tell others what to wear and what not to wear, as long as it does not call for the social sanctity? What authorizes them to sneak into the life of others?

In this busy world where life is moving at a fast pace and is getting busier and faster, people do not even get the time to celebrate their anniversaries or birthdays but on contrary some people do have enough time for back biting and judging people on their looks or ways. Such people, for sure, are just a rotten lot. These people indulge in such acts may be because of jealousy or it may be in their genes or there is a greater ratio of possibility that they may be the useless junk without any other job. There is a famous quote “empty vessels make much noise”. So do these people. These assholes all the time talk shit, keep their mouths filled with it. May be, because they like its taste and are used to it now.

It is not my ego that is forcing me to write this but the self respect. No one can deny that nature is pure and sacred. Many of us even do worship it. It is the same nature that teaches us so. Like, a tree gives us a particular kind of fruit at its given time. We nourish it and take good care of it as well. But we never teach it to put the leaves or fruits on a particular branch and keep a particular branch empty. We never force it to confine its branches to a particular number. We never tell it to grow big or stop its growth at a few inches. But it shapes itself by its own. It keeps its physical appearance as it is ought to be. Not just trees but everything that nature has bestowed upon us takes its own physical appearance. The nourishment that we give to it is just the support and encouragement. That nourishment does not contain orders, criticism or diktats.  But if you cannot encourage others that do not mean that you have the right to criticize or judge them. And if you do then, abruptly, “my middle finger wakes up and salutes you”. All you assholes keep a track of your own records. Do not bother to care for others as they are well versed in doing so. And if, in any way, it itches your asses, then just fuck-off – mind your own businesses and eventually your asses will be soothed.


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