Crop Field

Viscous silence with a bolt of cool air

prevails in the room,

as the crops cheer and are busy

in searching their destiny.

the scarecrows keep frowling,

hindering this holy deed.

the tick-tock on the clock

sometimes race up and sometimes get grounded

a feeling comes to the crops like

they are being trodded.

as one of the plant was ready

to be cropped,

a scarecrow came and started dancing,

blocking the plant from amazing the amazing.

but the ripened crop enough courageous

faced the frowling, amazed the amazing.

the silence was broken when other crops

followed the grains,

by a yell from citadel.

as the words spread, the scarecrows

started chanting putting an eye on the ripened.

the innovation worked and kept them busy

as others sped up and became cozy

as the time passed and came the harvesting

the scarecrows still there, with open eyes and watching

grains shedded from the crop plants

withered and pale, the owner rendered crying.

the plants now, felt their guilt

came to know, for what scarecrows were meant.

Copyright: Copyright reserved by Bandayaaqib: @letme_think


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