Palestinian Freedom.

the cries breaking the silence

the blood washing my face

the tears telling the story

i woke up from the deep sleep

as I looked around my eyes stuck on the scene

wondering if it was a day or a night blazed by moon

neither was it a day nor the blazing moon

were foe jets raining bombs on the people to me are known

my being parts paralysed like the rest of the world

watching and gazing without raising the tune.

after the flashing they started ruining

demolished each held stone

stole the new buds from their nests

molested their mothers and then chained them to bars

chaos being spread within the farmers of Gaza

being shot dead in farms then labeled as terrorists of new era

Israel using its full force to suppress Palestinians

leaved heavy taxes to evade Intifada

sooner or later, the day will come (in sha Allah)

when these draconian forces won’t be able to hide the Palestinian Freedom.

Copyright: Copyright reserved by Bandayaaqib: @letme_think


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