With Wisdom, Comes Humility.

We know, education is the empowerment that the youth need for a better future of their own as well as their nation and this job is nobly done by a teacher. The teaching has been considered to be the noblest job, and why not, we have every reason to call it so. Before the advent of cluster of private school system, government schools were at full bloom. Most of the marvels came from such government schools, unlike today. Then what has gone wrong that the ‘marvel producing institutions’ have become barren. Who is to be blamed? Sorry to say, but the teachers of government schools have already earned a bad name, which they need to do away with and work a little harder. Education is the means to attain a goal which is progress and teachers make an enduring impact in the lives of students. The greatest of the arts is teaching since the medium is the human mind and spirit. Teachers are the heroes of our society and often called as “builders of nation”. They take the challenge of creating and shaping worlds. The teachers while teaching touch the future of the child. Thus the eligibility for becoming a teacher needs to suffice the strength to take-on such a challenge.

The global economic crunch has forced the youth into darkness and in every country the unemployment has become the biggest menace/headache. But the filling up of posts for the job of teacher needs not to be seen through the prism of policy decisions for reducing unemployment, because in case the less competent persons become the teachers it will serve no good purpose and will add numbers to the unemployment problem by producing less competent students. Our state of Jammu and Kashmir is not an exception. But the rising rate of corruption has marred the state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir.

The competence of a teacher must not be compromised. The future of a nation depends on the excellence of the teachers, who nourish the growing buds. So the teachers’ competence must be scrutinized prior to letting them to assume such a noble job. The government’s order of conducting screening test for the Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers came late but it is a justified move. The case of Faisal Khan Vs. State and others, was an eye opener. A teacher who is not able to write an essay on Cow and cannot solve 4th standard mathematical numerical, do not deserve to be a teacher. Such teachers need to be fished out and shown the door. During a recent protest of teachers, I found them holding placards that had ‘time bound’ spelled as ‘time bond’, which definitely was not a typing mistake. The argument that ReT teachers put forth in their support is that they have been the key factor in increasing the literacy rate in the state, but I must tell those ReT teachers that a herd of students is not what is needed, but what we need to produce is quality students who can compete at all international and national levels. And with such teachers who do not know the difference between ‘bound’ and ‘bond’ or cannot write an essay on Cow, for sure are not eligible to be called or appointed as teachers.

The screening test that has been announced by the government is not any sort of a competitive test at the end of which only a few will be selected. If all of the ReT teachers are capable and competent then they must not be afraid of any such test, and should voluntarily commit themselves for it, to prove their mettle. The argument that by imposing such a test on the ReT teachers the government is adamant to lower their self esteem is a farce, instead by doing so your credibility and worth will get bloomed. Here your credibility is at stake, and Pardon me, but by not sitting in the test you are bringing disgrace to yourselves, by your own.

At first place, the post of ReT is a disgrace to the education system of Jammu and Kashmir. It is highly unfortunate that the government has lowered the status of a teacher by setting the minimum qualification required to be an ReT teacher at 10+2, which is same for the post of a peon or a class 4th employee, thereby sabotaging the appointment through genuine rule of general line system. A government which believes more in governance than in government will never do so, as it is an anti-society policy, which for a moment seemed to be benefiting but for the long run would ruin the quality of education in Jammu and Kashmir and eventually the future. The encumbrances of responsibilities do not end with the ReT teachers. Government has to accept its responsibility as well. ReT teachers were engaged according to certain rules and regulations under which only after the satisfactory results from such teachers they were to be regularized, and the same was done when the stipulated time of 5 years elapsed. Now after 5 years, the government wants to conduct their competency test which means something went wrong at the basic level where ReT’s were allotted the satisfaction certificates. The precious 5 years of the ReT teachers cannot be overlooked. If the government is resolute in taking the test and revolutionizing the education system then the ReT teachers need to be compensated for the previous 5 years as the earlier contract becomes null and void. And at the end if deadwood is found among these ReT teachers then the officers who allotted certificates to them need to be punished, accordingly.

Such innovative and revolutionary steps are always welcome and everyone needs to offer his helping hand so that the foreseen goal is achieved. An education system is needed that shall enhance the creativity and imagination of the students. This step of conducting screening test will surely help in travelling the long journey but there are still many more milestones that need to be crossed.


The Vale Echoes Elections

Our fingers gripped by the shadow of guns and chaos. The concept of “free will” has been pushed to the dark corner of the mind and heart by fear and hatred, equally. We gaze at each other with a suspicious eye and before saying a word publicly we pass it through a thousand security checks points in our minds. We have been hypnotized by the pendulum of development. A belief has been inscribed in our hearts that we are free but in real it is forced subjugation. We are dead while we live. Yes! I am talking of Kashmir. The virgin land that has become a divorced land even before an affair, and no one asks her what she wants. Yes! Kashmir has become a cruel joke and the politicians are its stand up comedians. And Kashmiris are the spectators that are paying.

There is a notion propagated by the Indian media and its politicians that the election in Kashmir is a clear and loud message that they want to be with India. The high voter turnout is being portrayed as allegiance to the India. The recent statement by India, a UN member, at United Nations about elections in Kashmir is a desperate attempt by them to humiliate the United Nations. United Nations in its several resolutions has cleared their stand about the elections in Kashmir by stating that election is a non issue and if Kashmir witnesses a 100% voter turnout it will not deter the freedom struggle of Kashmiris. The world is well aware of the Indian propaganda and policies. But the people of Jammu and Kashmir are stuck in a maze of development, which they vote for. It is just a trap laid by India for Kashmiris to woo them towards elections and they fall prey to this lone illusion. Peace and freedom are sine qua non of development. Kashmir will never get developed until it attains freedom. If Kashmir gets developed then India will have no other illusion to woo the people of Kashmir towards elections. But still India claims the high voter turn out to be its win. Still if India is so sure that 80% population of Jammu and Kashmir supports them then they must not be afraid of plebiscite that will solve the problem once for all. But they will never wish to do so, and you know why!

                   India stresses hard on peaceful resolution and says that it is ready to talk with Pakistan about Kashmir issue. India sings the slogan “Let us give peace a chance” at all international forums but when Kashmiris give “peace” a chance they sing a different slogan. Here in Kashmir they portray elections as peace and peace as allegiance to the Union of India and label them as pro-Indians, while rest are labeled as separatists. Leaving aside the cunning policies and propaganda of India, participation in elections in Kashmir is in no way a referendum for Kashmir issue. Had the custom been so, then India would still have been a British slave state as slave Indians of British India actively participated in elections under the British charter.

Being leaderless is like being a limp and India has successfully done so with Kashmir. It is not just the India that has failed us but it is our own people also who get mandate from people as their representatives. We have separatist lobby that has tried from past more than a decade to make people aware of the intentions and policies of India but have failed to so and thus be sailing in the same boat of “failure” with the mainstream politicians. They are more or less responsible for the hype that has been given to the elections or voting, unnecessarily. They have turned a non-issue thing into an issue. Recently Scotland was given a chance to decide their future through referendum, inspite of that the Scots used to vote under English laws. Kashmir is filled with politicians but what we need is leaders be it separatist leaders or mainstream leaders that shall represent the real Kashmiri.

Death penalty v/s right to life.

Death penalty as many people see it is commonly called by them as barbaric and cruel. They perceive it to be inhuman and infringing the human rights. That is why, many a times steps have been taken for its abolition both at regional as well as international level, where second optional protocol to the international covenant on civil and political rights, 1990 is worth a mention. Such people say that if such a thing or trend is followed it will turn the violators or criminals more furious. Then what about the victims and their families? Also the covenant on civil and political rights in its article 6 refers to the abolition of death penalty, leaving a provision “not arbitrarily”. Also in the universal declaration of human rights it has been laid down in article 3 that “everyone has the right to life…” and in its article 5 it has been said that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. So all such steps tend to impose an impression that death penalty overall is brutal and inhuman.

Once said by Gandhi that if we continue taking eye for eye one day the world will be blind. Not only Gandhi, but a good lot of people do believe in it and are working for its abolition; and they definitely are disillusioned.

Life, as we know, is dear to every living being. Life is beyond price. Even the animals have a feel for threat, when these get attacked they also retaliate to that attack. This shows that even those, whom we perceive to be senseless, do care for their lives. Then why should not we? So if death penalty would be inflicted in a strict way then it will surely curb the menace of grievous crimes, as it will create a fear of deprivation of their lives.

Life sentence or death penalty, both are given in cases of grievous nature. But I strongly stick to the death penalty where the nature of the crime is grievous, death penalty should be inflicted. The basic reason of evolution of law is social security and social sanctity.

In countries where death penalty is given strictly, we have observed a lower crime rate as compared to others which have abolished the death penalty. Taking an example of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the crime rate lowest and it is because of the harsher code of conduct which assures its subjects best social security. As clear from the graph the most of the Muslim nations are within the ambit of lower crime rate and it is because of the strict code of conduct the Islam provides.

crime rate all over world

crime rate in different nations. pic from http://www.economist.com

As the abolitionists argue it as inhuman and cruel, the retentionist like me defend it to be just and fair. Let us take an illustration in which a person commits rape of a 6-year-old girl and so she dies or gets killed (jumman khan v. sakina case), what would be the judgment that a sane person would inflict upon the criminal? What would be the justice that her parents would like to inflict upon him? It definitely is “death”. Now here if the maxim given by Gandhi and other abolitionists are followed, the guilty person would be given life term, but will that soothe the victims’ family? Will that ensure the social security that the world at this crucial stage, when the world has turned to be materialistic, needs? Obviously it will not! Rather it will surely encourage the criminal minds to devise and carry out their evil deeds and would pose a continuous threat to the lives and prestige of millions. In another example if a person gets killed brutally and intentionally just for any petty cause, do you think that such a person(s) deserve(s) to live a dignified life even being in jail (article 21 Indian constitution). I, in no case, would like to put such a person in jail/prison to enjoy the dignified life that he has deprived some innocent of.

The countries where the harsher code of conduct is applied do surely care for the lives and dignity of the innocents. And those which do support and encourage the criminals by putting them in jails and have abolished death penalty do without any doubt risk the lives of millions of its citizens for the sake of saving a few beasts.

The abolitionists also argue it to be violating the article 21 of the Indian constitution but that is not the fact, but just an excuse as the article itself says:

“no person should be deprived of his life and personal liberty except by the procedure established by law.”

So the article has left a provision for the state to deprive anybody of his life that would be led by established statutes. The article in itself says that no person should be deprived of his life unnecessarily. But the abolitionists have interpreted it wrongly and tend to misguide the world. India indeed has statutes that determine the degree of criminal liability that might “attract” death penalty for the wrongdoer, for instance Indian penal code, criminal procedure code etc.

The abolitionists also argue that even after inflicting death penalties on the criminals the crime rate in India has not leveled down.

The reason for that lies in the weakness in dispensing the sentence, which is mostly controlled by political motifs. Like in Gujarat riots case the criminals, even after confessing their crimes, were awarded life term. The person(s) who were involved in the commission of crime directly or indirectly were all from some political party. Even after inflicting life term they might have been assured a better life in prison than they would have lived outside. This is the quality of  judicial system that we have in India that we believe in dispensing justice. Even the terrorist Ajmal Kasab has been sentenced to death penalty, but the sentence has not yet been dispensed and it is all because of the political pressure that forces the authorities to delay it.

Again, one more hindrance in the way of inflicting and dispensing death sentence is presidential pardon. Recently, the outgoing president Pratibha Patel pardoned more than 30 persons who were convicted to death for various grievous crimes, which has encouraged the criminals. I am not against the presidential pardon but it must be exercised only in the cases where the president smells a dint of doubt. And that was the basic reason that was behind the rule, but the presidents have used it for their own political or showing off type or unnecessary exaggeration of their pityness, that has risked the lives of millions. By pardoning the presidents impliedly convey that the judicial system of India is good for nothing and are yet to mature. So before doing such a thing in future the president must think twice, if not for the sake of prestige of Indian judicial system but for the sake of lives of millions of its subjects.

Last but not least, the only thing I want to say is that the death penalty  be retained. Such a thing has even been said by lot of learned judges of both high courts and Supreme Court like in case of Jagmohan Singh where court held that the death penalty be retained and inflicted only in “rarest of rare cases”.

In Cold Blood: The Amityville Horror.

Custodial killings and fake encounters, these two phrases are nothing new to the ears of Kashmiri people. From past, almost a decade Kashmiri people have been rendered open victims to the human rights abuses. Each and every category of humans has faced the dreary approach of Indian security forces. From six year old kid to a fifty year old woman, no one has been spared. Not only a kid has been orphaned, not only a women has been widowed, not only a son has been snatched from her mother but besides these abuses the domiciles of the spared, have been gutted down.

This is a not ending story, where nothing is fictitious, each and every story resembles to each others’ story, but surely not coincidental. Such incidents, if expressed will fill up a whole library and at the end the story will remain untold.

Killing a common civilian has become a custom for them, but something new happened in the history of such customs. A pro-political party enchanter was killed by them. And this time it was not for any relation with militancy or any such thing. This time it was their own promoter, who was killed for money laundering allegations.

mohd. yousuf(deceased)

Syed Mohd. Yousuf, the deceased was a notional conference party worker for past many years. He had been a close associate of the party patron dr. farooq and C.M j&k sheikh Omar, as per a statement and photographs produced by the deceased person’s son.

As per the allegations, it is being said that syed yousuf had fixed a deal with other two party workers as remarked by one of the eye witnesses, Mohd. Yousuf Bhatt, “it is a fact that I paid money to syed yousuf for MLC seat but I can’t say it was either for Dr. Farooq or sheikh Omar”. But in an interview, before mohd. Yousuf Bhatt’s statement, another eye witness Salam Reshi directly alleged that he had given money on behalf of Dr. Farooq and Omar. Now the question arises

1)      why the statement of the two eye witnesses do not match?

2)       Has the second eye witness’s statement been influenced by pressurizing him?

In an interview Omar said, “I knew about the matter two months back but I forgot”. How true! How can you remember state affairs when you are busy in vocational tours, every day? The two statements when analyzed do not add up. My question to the CM is,” if it was a case of corruption, then why was this trio called to your private chamber at Gupkar? Besides handing them over to the police, immediately. Now on reply to this CM will say that it was a party matter. Had it been a party matter, then it needed to be discussed with all the senior leaders of the party. But the fact is not so! This is the first point where the story gets suspicious.

In a statement given by CM Omar, to Times now correspondent, he said that, “yousuf first denied but latter accepted the payoff”. And it is also being said that syed yousuf wanted to wait till dr. Farooq’s arrival. I say why? And the next moment my inner being replied to the question this way:

1)      Either the matter was fixed in between Dr. Farooq, and the trio, and the deceased wanted to clarify it with the Dr. farooq which enraged CM Omar.

2)      The matter was fixed by the CM alone, and wanted to solve it by his own without the consent of his father and the party patron Dr. Farooq.

syed yousuf(R) and omar abdullah(L)

Now if the first clause is the approximate hit then it is clear that the deceased and Dr. Farooq had close relations. And if the second clause does well, then CM is definitely a crook.

In a statement late Yousuf’s son claimed that IGP crime said, “Yousuf vomited blood when he was being moved out of CM’s residence”. A person vomits blood if he has got any kind of cancer or is physically hurt. As per the health history of the deceased is concerned, he had always been a healthy one. The only option left is that he might had been tortured or had been exposed to some similar acts, which , may be, finally led to cardiac arrest. But soon after this statement by the deceased’s son, IGP claimed that he had not said any such thing to the deceased’s son.

In an attempt to divert the attention of the media, opposition and general public CM tried to mislead everyone by saying that he had already ordered a judicial probe. But soon after this declaration a statement came from registrar general of high court JR Kotwal in which he went, “my office has not received any communication, to be forwarded to the chief justice, from the government on this issue”. Now what will you say on this, CM?

One more tool of the government to mislead everyone was used, that is post mortem report. Everyone do know, in history of such cases no o ne has witnessed a pure and true report from the doctors, as they are also forced by the government agencies to do as directed. So no one believes in either the post mortem report which ‘denied any mark of physical violence and reported that yousuf died of cardiac arrest’, or the judicial probe which will yield nothing justified. As an example is beneath our eyes, the twin rape and murder case of two women in Shopian. The culprits of that incident are still roaming free, even the main culprit Javaid Matoo was promoted from S.P rank to S.S.P rank and then was transferred to Ladakh.

On that day one more suspicious thing happened, all the security officials at the CM’s residence were transferred. On this CM said that it was purely co-incidental. After the incident the duo who are alive, yet, have imprisoned themselves in their own houses. They have not been seen after the after-math of this incident. Now, whether this imprisonment is voluntary or forced is to be found out?

As the CM tries to circumvent the whole issue, but it seems to be all in vain. Truth is inevitable; no one can run away from it. The proximity of truth in this arcane story is immutable. In near future all this will prove to be a conundrum for CM, which will reveal his and his close associates’ espousal in all such matters.

After this feral incident, CM tried to keep mum but after all he had to speak out. He first appeared in an interview on a national news channel NDTV 24*7 in which it seemed that he had done much home work and had prepared to his best in the “days of mum”. In that interview the CM also used slang language many a times, using words like “rubbish” and “crap” for over and over. This depicts his frustration and the state of being lobotomized by the incident. He further said that in previous row he offered his resignation and thus was called as amateur and childish, but on this row he would not do any such act. Thus those who called him “amateur” or “childish” won’t get a second chance. And he also added that on this row he would not lose a single night’s sleep as he had done before.  This shows the drastic shift in moral behavior of j&k’s Chief Minister. In previous row he offered his resignation even he was not involved in the allegations, thus was called as amateur and childish. But today he is alleged to be a culprit and is denying resigning or assigning in-charge-C.M. till the investigation is over. You are still the same, “amateur” and “childish”.

Soon after his appearance on NDTV, he arrived at Times Now port. In that interview with Arnab Goswami his fractiousness increased as the questioner was no Barkha Dutt who had prepared C.M.’s interview for NDTV. In reply to the Arnab’s questions C.M. clearly became effete in replying, thus C.M. started to slide into the fissure of esoteric nature.

On asking a question by Arnab, that “if the deceased was alleged for money laundering then why was not he handed over to police, besides called to your personal residence”? on reply to this question C.M. replied, “this was a party matter, and needed to be solved personally”. But as I have earlier stated had it been a party matter then it needed to be solved with the prominent and senior leaders of the party, but nothing such was done.

By the answer given by the C.M. Arnab was not satisfied, so he asked the same question several times. This lead to the fractiousness, and C.M. replied, “In how many languages do you need to get answered for the single question”. And also said Arnab to end up the show immediately.  As the statement clearly depicts the indigenous nature of the question asked by Arnab? For your general knowledge C.M Omar I would like to tell you that similar to an examination, till a candidate does not answer the questions correctly, he is not allowed to pass to the higher class, so is the case with you.

Sooner or later the day will come when everyone will witness the arrival of metaphysicians in our society who will reject the custom of being pusillanimous and will share the intuitive knowledge of all such incidents with the whole world.

yousuf's son