The Kashmir Puzzle : Simplifying Jamhooriyat, Kashmiriyat and Insaniyat.

​Kashmir is experiencing a steep rise in the militant activities and violence. All the claims of normalcy have been exploded by recent incidents and the ongoing uprising. All the strategies of Indian state to control the resistance movement proved to be futile and yet they are being applied time and again. Result of this misdirected approach is that with every passing day the situation is becoming increasingly alarming.

If a black Smith is given the job of a gold Smith he can produce anything but ornaments. It is quite obvious that his tools are meant to mould the iron. Roughness and strength are indispensable components of his sickle. Fine articulation, skill and technique needed for making ornaments cannot expected from him.

But in kashmir, the assignments which were supposed to be carried out by the democratically elected government are taken the forces who are trained to kill and whose curriculum simply revolve around this trade. The events in the past and which are happening today force us to assume that in kashmir we have a dejure democratically elected government to give a cover to the defacto military rule.

Indian establishment seems to be one among those who refuse to be objective. Resolution through meaningless talks under the garb of Jamhooriyat, Kashmiriyat and Insaniyat only provide a modus operandi, and not the solution itself. Those who are least concerned in the kashmir dispute can suggest such a way out. But for the people of kashmir for whom the resolution of kashmir dispute is a matter of life and death, it is a fuitile exercise unless it reflects the wishes of kashmiri masses. As a matter of fact it cannot be ruled out that offer of negotiations is not motivated by sincere desire for seeking a resolution but an attempt to keep the leadership in a fuitile exercise of talks. This is often used to provide a cover and to buy some more time to break the will of the resistance through extensive use of force.

Within India and Kashmir, there have been some propagandist intellectuals who consistently concoct stories and interpret events to the liking of the Indian policy makers. That is why they are now projecting the kashmiriyat to serve various purposes. It serves as a proxy for Indian nationalism, where it becomes undefendable. Secondly, it changes the demography of the resistance movement and confines it to the kashmiri speaking areas only. Since kashmiriyat is a common thread between the communities based in kashmir only and not the ones living beyond it, a solution on the basis of kashmiriyat makes people of Poonch, Doda, Rajouri and Kargil irrelevant to any discourse related to a solution based on this analogy.

In order to create a conducive atmosphere for dialogue, there must be the respect for basic human rights, which are inalienable.

But the constant harrasment, killing etc. of innocent Kashmiris who are demanding the realization of a basic internationally recognized human right i.e. right to self determination, has also grounded India’s claims of being world’s largest democracy. Instead of being rehabilitative, Indian state is being punitive to the people of kashmir which shreds the India’s slogan of Insaniyat.

Time and again, the separatist political leaders have been put under constant house arrest and in such a way India has narrowed down the political space of such leaders right from the inception, thereby punishes them for holding a different ideology other than that of the Indian state, which makes one realize the Jamhooriyat in Kashmir.

It is not that I am biased against the Indian security forces , but the atrocities committed by India were confirmed by the CM herself from the podium of Independence day celebrations where she accepted that Indian army used to use Kashmiri’s as shields during encounters and in a media briefing she accepted that SOG used to take innocent Kashmiris for forceful labour which is just the tip of the Ice-Berg. Mehbooba also made a delusioned claim that the incidents of 2010 and 2016 are different, which is totally wrong. The context of both the uprisings is the same which is the atrocities committed upon the innocent Kashmiris. The difference lies in the cause of bursting the bubble. In 2010, it was the Machil fake encounter, Shopian dual rape and murder etc which instigated the people to protest against the atrocities, and in 2016 the instigation came from the events like talks on creation of separate colonies, cat-pigeon analogy and finally by the encounter of much loved Burhan Wani. The constant denial of justice by Indian state has further helped in alleviating the present crisis. Peace without justice is impossible. 

India’s rhetoric that Kashmir issue is a law and order situation which can be solved by financial packages and jobs proves that indian state’s vision with respect to Kashmir is suffering from a serious illness. It is pertinent to mention here that the irony is ruling the state at the moment as the two coalition partners in the state have 2 opinions on this issue and yet they are sharing the power corridors. The denial of Indian state to accept that Kashmir is a political issue is pushing the kashmir’s future into a political quagmire and it also reaffirms the Indian state’s non-seriousness in solving the kashmir issue. It can further be measured by the fact that instead of banning the use of force, the state is replacing the pellet guns with some other weapon. Why aren’t they equally dedicated in solving the issue so that the need to use such guns or grenades do not arise?

Source of sustenance of the movement is not the human body nor the material it avails but faith whose control is beyond the capacity of any ruthless force. Army can kill the militants, but not the militancy. Indian home minister’s statement that India’s future is not possible without Kashmir, least to say, is manipulative and also the nationhood of India should not be so fragile as to crumble with any solution of the kashmir dispute. Kashmir demands a forthright policy aimed at resolving the dispute once for all. The policies of Indian government are responsible for the upsurge of the hostile situation which they faced in 2010 and are facing at the moment. It’s policies towards kashmir suffers from an error of generalization.

BJP right now is facing the catch 22 situation with respect to kashmir issue. Fearing annihilation like that of Field Marshall ayub Khan and Bhutto after the Tashkent and Shimla agreements, respectively, BJP is not taking any bold steps as they fear that it may make them to pay a huge price in the upcoming elections, and if they stop talking about fulfilling CBM’s then their coalition in Kashmir will be at stake. This being the reason, they are not coming clean on holding dialogue with the separatist political leaders.

Instead of using force, India must try to rehabilitate the wounded hearts of Kashmiris. There are three ways to win over a heart viz. muscle, brain and heart. India has tried both muscle and brain now it is time to give heart a chance.


Politics! I don’t give a damn to it.

Kashmir, a place which was once known for its beauty and hospitality has earned its fame for insurgency and turmoil in past more than a decade, as we all know it. People have been lured towards greed by and for the benefit of some cunning politicians. The minds and attitudes of youth have been made materialistic. And taking advantage of this chaos and confusion Kashmiris have been politicized on different grounds from time to time in these years. The strengthening and supportive pillar to the opportunists was provided by the people itself. It happened and is happening because we lack the power of compiling an opinion, because we have turned our back towards politics. And it is because of this attitude we have suffered a lot. It will continue to be as such until we do not change our opinion, idea and outlook towards politics. I have noticed many people quoting the phrase “POLITICS! I DON’T GIVE A DAMN TO IT”. In info section of most of my friends’ facebook profiles I have seen the box, asking for political attitude, either empty or filled with ‘none’. This way I am not publicizing facebook but the ideology we do have. This “NOT GIVING A DAMN TO IT” has ruined us.

As rightly said by Pericles (495-429 BC) in his book “The Olympian“:

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics

doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

The literal meaning of the word politics is “of, for, or relating to citizens”. Then by departing or alienating ourselves from the politics of our land we impliedly tell them that we do not belong to this place. We do not care what you do to the people of this land. Simply WE DO NOT GIVE A DAMN TO IT. People see politics as the worst thing ever on earth. But the fact, that we by our own give the opportunists an opportunity to come in power, is never noticed. Politics is the conduct of affairs of the state. If we by our own are turning faces from this responsibility then we do not have the right to blame spoilsports that ruin our resources and suppress us. It is good to be an extremist or moderate or main-stream, but worst to be a neutral. Extremists believe in boycotting elections while moderates and main stream believe in elections. But irony with our society is that we have just a handful of moderates/extremists/main-stream people and the majority of us continue to be neutral. This majority of the people pave the way for the opportunists to build their empires. A duty also lies with the leaders, whosoever he is, that they must not force the people to either change their opinions or create any opinion. People alone cannot be held responsible for being politically dwarf. The so called political leaders have not left any stone unturned in captivating the ideology of people towards politics. They must give the youth a chance to express their feelings. Democratic Governments are, as they say:  for the people, by the people and of the people, no matter what the order but if there is no involvement of people then what is the fun in calling it a democratic government. People that have any opinion are harassed by the rulers, everywhere. Opinions can bring revolutions like it was in Middle East nations. These nations were suppressed for a long period, their ideologies were suppressed for long but the youth of these nations finally mustered courage and compiled a common ideology or we can say got united and brought the tormenting regimes to an end.

Another reason for being dwarf regarding politics is that We have become double faced. Wherever we find our individual benefit we run towards it, sabotaging the brotherhood we once had and it is all because of the materialistic policies. Instead of talking about futile topics like new iphone launch, new car model etc we must talk and discuss about our own state affairs. Whenever we are suppressed we demand that we have right to do this and right to do that, but we forget that rights and duties come hand in hand. When we demand rights we are obliged to fulfill the duties as well. That way if we say we have the right to create a free state then first we must know how to run a state, which could be done only by indulging ourselves with the political affairs.

The time has come to unmask our ideas, our attitude towards politics. The time has come to get united for a common cause be it Azaadi or Indian Occupation. We must strive to reform ourselves, because being in a state of dilemma is like being in comma, you can feel and see everything but you cannot do anything. Only a strong determination can bring us out of this.

Long live Kashmir, Long live our Brotherhood. Ameen!